ItalyPoint, founded in 1999, specializes in the development of internationalization projects. We partner with the leading Italian trade associations and government agencies to develop projects to promote and import food. We have collaborations with regional offices of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, Confartigianato[1], and Coldiretti[2]among other trade associations, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA/ICE), DOP consortia and private corporations. Our database of food and wine producers comprises over 100 thousand enterprises.

Our proven model is based on a demand driven approach to the market. Importers and distributors have a pivotal role in the success of each project. Market’s demand and producers’ supply are carefully matched to create a long lasting partnership between the parties. ItalyPoint carefully tailors producers to maximize compatibility with distributors’ requirements to maximize demand. Further, ItalyPoint acts as a facilitator to help the parties understand their respective cultures, business models, expectations and goals. ItalyPoint’s involvement is not limited to introductions. We provide follow up and feedback to both parties to guarantee that terms are met, maintained over time and a true partnership is developed.

[1]Confartigianato is an autonomous organization founded in 1946. Today Confartigianato represents over 700,000 corporations and entrepreneurs belonging to 870 areas of business. These areas are managed with 120 territorial Associations, 20 regional Federations, 12 category Federations, 74 groups of trades. With its 1,215 branches and 14,000 employees, Confartigianato helps member companies to startup, compete and grow in an ever evolving market with a system of integrated and customized services.

[2]Coldiretti with 1.5 million members is the main farmer association in Europe. Coldiretti is strongly rooted in the Country. It is composed of 18 regional federations, 98 provincial federations, 765 area offices and 9,812 branches. Among its members there are over 568,000 agricultural companies which represent 52% of the industry.

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