Bottega di Sicilia is the Sicilian reality that has revolutionized red sauces. The converting company of the Libretti Group, active since 1930 and since then in constant growth, has 410 hectares of cultivated land, of which 100 are dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of the typical cherry tomato.

Tradition and numbers alone would not be enough to explain Bottega di Sicilia. Reference point for Sicilian families: the work of renewal and meticulous control of production, through the internal microbiological laboratory and the traceability of the supply chain to the origin, represent the elements that allowed and continue to guarantee the leap in quality among the Sicilian excellences.

The technical aspects are impeccable and are at the service of our corporate mission, that is to enhance the cherry tomato of Sicily, the real pride of our land, through the production of excellent red sauces.

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