Leavening Masters since 1882. All our leavened products have the same distinctive quality characteristics: extremely soft texture, elegant but decisive flavor, high digestibility. These attributes are achieved by mastering each step of the production process.

The soft texture is obtained using exclusively mother yeast starter refreshed and hand kneaded daily by our pastry chefs. To ensure maximum digestibility at least four days of work and over 48 hours of natural leavening are required.

Every leavened product is worked by hand, from the molding of the dough to the cutting.

We exclusively use natural mother yeast starter, stone ground flour, raw cane sugar, butter from mountain milk pasture, Tahiti Bourbon Vanilla and home made candied fruit.

Our products contain up to 4 times more yolks than other panettoni, making their taste, texture and color unparalleled. We add organic honey, harvested in the hills near us.

Free of preservatives, semi-finished products, artificial flavors and vegetable fats. Our goal is to make sure that our name is synonymous of quality. Our pastry chefs are coordinated by Nicola Olivieri, instructor at the Panettone University. We use luxury packaging that conveys the mastery of the product and the attention to the details.

Olivieri  leavened products: it isn’t just a matter of tradition.

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