What make Zelo Pasta products unique is the total absence of stress of overheating the dough during its preparation.  The raw materials they use here are 100% Italian: Flour and fresh free-range eggs. The recipes for their pastas follow the best traditions of the Marche region. Thanks to the use of innovative machinery with a low stress mechanism, their pasta has the consistency, roughness and unmistakable taste of handmade pasta. The company’s motto is “The taste of yesterday, the knowledge of today”. The experts at Zelo Pasta do not make the dough in an industrial way, mixing wheat flour and eggs in a machine, as this heats the dough and harms the eggs in the process.  Instead, they hydrate the mixture by nebulizing the flour in a closed container then slowly add the eggs. The two bind together making little spheres which are completely separate and cold. They are then put between two rolls of steel which turn slowly, spreading the little spheres into sheets of pasta.  This innovative manufacturing method yields a pasta that remains “al dente” no matter how hard you try to overcook it.  The cooked strands do not tend to stick together either, as the rough texture prevents this.  Finally, it is easily digested thanks to preserving the natural characteristics of the eggs during manufacture.  All of this care and attention creates a memorable pasta that you will be proud to serve at any occasion.

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