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Leonida Cestaro line of mandorlato nougats - soft, crumbly, classic bar, bite size. since 1918

Feeling the sweet

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In 1918 Angelo Cestaro founded the company of the now famous "MANDORLATO CESTARO" in Lonigo (in the province of Vicenza). The recipe for this confectionery specialty dates back to an ancient Venetian tradition of the 1200s. Re-elaborated by skilled pastry chefs, it became a precious and refined product.


We have always been committed to the selection of quality ingredients that guarantee a unique and traditional flavor to our mandorlato. Made with creativity and passion. We seek excellence to offer our customers products with selected high quality ingredients.

be ready to feel

Next-Level Taste

Awards Winner

Cestaro has received numerous Italian and international awards over the years for the outstanding quality of its products and the artisanal production techniques

Best Quality

Outmost attention is given to the use of genuine ingredients: top of the line Spanish almonds (peeled and uniform in size), a selected pure blend of acacia and wildflower honey made to our specifications.


We cherish our artisanal identity and work to meet the developing taste of our customers. Expert artisans supervise each step of the production process. Some steps are entirely performed by hand.

New arrival - Limited edition

The power of the Crunch

These crumbly nougat chips are filled with our premium selection of Spanish almonds, 52% to be precise. Available for the first time worldwide.

Only $112 per case

The way it needs to taste

Beyond your dreams

Bite size nougats starting at $138 per case