Panettone with Sicilian Orange and Chocolate


This adorably hand wrapped orange and chocolate iced panettone possesses the fruity fragrance of orange peels and the hazelnut notes of good chocolate .

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This adorably hand wrapped orange and chocolate iced panettone includes the finest of ingredients to create a special unforgettable flavor. Filippi chooses special blends of soft scented cubes of open-air candied oranges from Sicily and a generous amount of chocolate Domori drops in a dough of irregular glutinous texture to create this masterpiece. There is no artificial aroma, only the sensual scent of the whole untreated berries of Bourbon vanilla, the fruity and fresh fragrance of orange peels and the hazelnut notes of good chocolate.

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Filippi began in 1972 in Zané, in the province of Vicenza with the production of naturally leavened baked goods (cakes). Mother Maria and father Giuliano have written the first chapter of this beautiful story, with genuine ingredients and family values. Today, with their sons Andrea and Lorenzo, the story goes on with the same devotion and the same enthusiasm. Despite the rigor required to maintain a high level of quality and production rhythms which are particularly pressing in certain periods of the year, they have never lost sight of the fact that the core of the firm, widened and modernized with new equipment, remains a beating heart with a human touch. Filippi’s company was born as a ‘cottage industry’ and today it continues to be this way: an extended family, where everyone feels at ease in a serene atmosphere of mutual cooperation and respect. According to their philosophy, everything, made with care and passion, requires "its" time. Often short, efficient time frames do not produce quality products, which need "slow" time and attention. Time spent entertaining an idea and exact time when this idea opens; time to develop and choose where, how and when... time to "cook to perfection", to taste, to share and savor until the last crumb...


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