A Beautiful Oil for Beautiful People


100% Italian but also 100% Extra Virgin from Italy.

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A Beautiful Oil for Beautiful People by Andrea Gradassi is a 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Spoletto Mountains of Umbria (otherwise known as “The Green Heart of Italy”). Land-locked Umbria is known as one of the best olive oil regions in the world. It is the only region of Italy to have its entire production of extra virgin olive oil classified as DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) by the European Union. When the owner Andrea Gradassi came to the United States and saw all of the olive oil that was being promoted as Extra Virgin and Premium when in reality it wasn’t, he decided to launch this new brand. He saw it as a Beautiful Oil for Beautiful People. Andrea thought the US deserved a product they can buy and know for a fact was not only 100% Italian but also 100% Extra Virgin. A green/golden oil with a fresh, fruity bouquet. Rich in polyphenols and surprisingly mild with low acidity.

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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWo0yNoal9s[/embed] C.U.FR.OL. Frantoi Oleari Umbri & Co. (Umbrian Olive Mills & Co.) is based in Spoleto, in the central Italian region of Umbria. This company was born out of the collective spirit of the owners of some of the oldest olive mills in Umbria, like the Gradassi Mill (1639), Menconi Mill (1661) and Tiziano Scacaroni. It was the passion of these entrepreneurs for extra virgin olive oil that pushed them to combine their energies to create a central bottling and storage center. CUFROL’s specific focus is to encourage traditional and organic farming methods and to highlight the qualities of a genuine Italian product created exclusively with olives grown, harvested and extracted in Italy.


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