Soft Nougat Bar Almonds and Pistachio – 180g



Ingredients: almonds, honey, sugar, pistachio, glucose syrup, egg white, flavorings (pistachio).
The product contains nuts, eggs and soy products. It may contain traces of milk and derivatives and other nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts etc.). Produced in a factory where gluten is used.
Store in a cool and dry place at a temperature not exceeding 18 ° C

Average nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy 1,978.2 KJ (472.10 Kcal). Fat 21.76g (of which saturated fatty acids 1.72g). Carbohydrates 59.93g (of which sugars 54.47g). Proteins 9,15g. Salt 9,15g.

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CESTARO has been operating in the confectionery field since its inception in 1918. Initially born as a pastry shop, it evolved to become known to all as the "Mandorlato Factory" (Almond Nougat Factory). We employ and jealously guard the ancient Venetian recipe of the pastry chefs of the 1200s, that earned us the renowned and unmistakable binomial "CESTARO-MANDORLATO". We at CESTARO cherish our artisanal identity and work to meet the developing taste of our customers. We constantly increase the quality of our products working closely we our suppliers. We have a very strict entry quality control of raw materials. Outmost attention is given to the use of genuine ingredients: top of the line Spanish almonds (peeled and uniform in size), a selected pure blend of acacia and wildflower honey made to our specifications, beet sugar and egg whites. Expert artisans supervise each step of the production process. Some steps are entirely performed by hand. The now historic line of Mandorlato (bars, pies and loafs) has expanded to comprise a line of soft nougats. These delicious bite size nougats come in various flavors intended to complete the range of products to meet the market needs. Despite the innovations and technical improvements, the artisanal imprint remains at the base of our company: produce high quality products combining tradition with technology.