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Welcome to my Food and Wine Blog

For many years I thought it was too late to start a blog, until in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I started to question many of my former beliefs and the words of this old adage resounded in my head: “it is too late only when you are in the grave”.

I decided to share with you what I learned in my last 21 years of professional life dedicated to promoting the best Italy has to offer.

Let me give you a little personal background to help you form an opinion on my knowledge on the topics I  am going to address in this blog. I grew up in the hospitality business and since an early age I have been exposed to food and wine (a little bit later). I spent my childhood in Italy and my adult life in the US. I worked in corporate finance for several years, and after experiencing first hand the results of poorly manufactured food and having then two young children, I decided to give my contribution to improve the quality of food Americans can access. I quit my job and started ItalyPoint.

I developed several programs to help artisanal, organic and natural food and wine producers to reach the final consumers and present their excellences. As a consultant for the leading Italian producer associations over the years I had the opportunity to visit hundreds of companies and learn from passionate artisans, industry leaders and all the parties at stake in the food and beverage industry. I also hold a certificate of training to handle Foreign Supplier Verification Programs in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act implemented by the Food and Drugs Administration.

Throughout this blog I will discuss what I learned about food and wine production, best practices, issues, solutions and the role we as consumers with our purchasing power have to rectify problems and consolidate good habits. I will provide interviews with producers, influencers, trend setters, outliers, importers and many others.

Stay posted!


I am a specialist in internationalization. I spent almost 25 years importing products into the US.

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